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Smart Outsourcing Solutions

RevMD's unique approach to the outsourcing needs of the healthcare revenue cycle are truly revolutionary. We only provide healthcare revenue cycle outsourcing services. Our technology, operations, and staff experience and training are specifically designed to support these services.

Superior Technology

The complete integration of customer service and cash flow maximization functionality can only be found in our Enhance system, our proprietary healthcare accounts receivable management system. Enhance fully automates the complex cycles involved with self-pay early-out and insurance follow-up collections. It offers advanced network technologies based on mature industry best practices for collecting healthcare receivables.

Prioritize Your Focus

Every day, a provider executive leadership team is faced with a litany of problems that must be solved across a number of different service lines. A partnership with RevMD takes those issues out of the equation. RevMD takes full responsibility for the day-to-day management and the information technology needs of your revenue cycle and account receivables. Your involvement can be as limited or as engaged as you want it to be.

Develop a Value Alternative

High deductible health plans, price transparency, consumerism, and payor steerage are leading many providers to consider offering a value alternative in relation to revenue cycle services. By moving forward with RevMD and a value-based strategy, a health system can secure lost revenue while solidifying and improving its position in its market.

Proven Performance

Join the list of some of the prestigious providers who have successfully entrusted RevMD with their revenue cycle outsourcing needs.