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RevMD University

RevMD has developed a world-class training program. We use a web-based modular training program developed to suit our unique assembly line approach to A/R management called RevMD University.

This training program has the following five focus areas.

Each module contains a tutorial, test, and review. All test data is sent to our supervisors for analysis and team comparison. Not only do new employees go through extensive training, current employees are constantly reevaluated to determine if additional training is needed individually or as a group.

The representatives are oriented with client-specific requirements necessary to mirror your policies. In addition, our system workflows and online help text are initially set to your custom requirements, which allows our representatives to focus on universal activity. This ensures peak efficiency and performance.

At RevMD, we have stringent exams after every training module, from HIPAA and FDCPA to software training. We require that all hourly full-time employees pass our certification tests before they begin working accounts. We require our management team to go through RevMD University as well, to ensure they understand the processes and are in the best possible position to contribute to the company. Additionally, our reps are encouraged to take advanced certification and education courses, provided by professional organizations such as ACA or HFMA, allowing for continuous employee improvement and advancement.